I am the owner of Pebble & Twig and creator of these artworks.

My life has been mostly one ongoing creative project of music and art. I have a Bachelor of Music (Contemporary Performance) and am a musician, singer, songwriter, events manager and music teacher.  I come from a long line of visual artists and musicians, so I guess creativity was in blood and nurtured by my family. Art and its many forms has always been a crucial part of my being. When I had my first baby in 2017, I immediately looked for an art form that was quieter than making music, less messy than painting and easier to drop and pick up again where I left it than songwriting. I found having a little person to care of changed the way I was able to be creative, so I adapted and fell in love with macrame. Pebble & Twig was created shortly after and I have been obsessed with knotting ever since. Now with two babies in tow, I am enjoying the challenge of mixing the art of parenting with the art of macrame. 

I invite you to browse my store to find just what you have been looking for, or get in touch if you would like me to create something custom made just for you. There is a massive range of string colour choices and options for custom made designs, so let's chat creatively and design something special! Living in the beautiful town of Cygnet in Tasmania, I am also available for workshops. 

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Pebble & Twig creates handmade macrame artworks to bring something special into your home. The Australian artist specialises in macrame wall hangings and custom designs using luxury materials and taking care to create quality pieces.